Safe, comfortable, and judgment-free tattoos and piercings. Our studio has been trusted for years to provide expert artists and body modification services to all of St. Louis.


Our talented team of artists specializes in a wide variety of tattoo styles, ensuring that every client finds the perfect design to express their unique story. Check out our diverse portfolio and find the style that speaks to you.


Meet our artists, where creativity and professionalism blend in a friendly, fun environment. Our skilled team ensures you feel welcome and comfortable while delivering unique, high-quality tattoos.


Our number one priority is to ensure that every customer has a fantastic experience on their tattoo journey, whether it’s their first tattoo or their tenth. We are committed to providing a welcoming and professional environment where your comfort and satisfaction come first. But don’t just take our word for it – check out what our clients are saying

“I was a walk-in and the staff were welcoming and the overall environment was comfortable and professional. I would recommend Enigma to my friends.”
– Katherine 

“Extremely friendly and easy first time piercing experience!”

– Blake

“Clearly knowledgeable piercer, nice staff. Cared about if I was happy with what I was paying for, which you can’t take granted at a tattoo shop. Thanks!”
– Luke
“My daughter’s tattoo artist, Brad, was awesome. He took so much time with the consultation to make sure her first tattoo was exactly what she want & within her price range. All the other staff were friendly & professional. Will definitely be back.”
– Angela

Events on the Loop

Join our events for community engagement, walk-in tattoos, and all sorts of cool activities. Experience the vibrant atmosphere, connect with fellow tattoo enthusiasts, and enjoy spontaneous, high-quality ink sessions.

Loop 420 Street Festival
The Second Annual Loop 420 Street Fest Saturday April 20, 2024. Celebrate the counterculture of the 420 Holiday with music, art, and tattoos
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